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We do all type of logo’s like Text Type Logo, Cartoon or mascot Style, Text with Icon, Abstract Style of Logo


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Book Cover Design

We customize book cover images for authors which appeal to readers and look beautiful on websites and bookshelves. Contact us about a book cover design that we can create for you.


Here are some authors that we have work and published on 

Eliza Moon

T.S. Ryder

Ava Walsh

Delilah Jackson

Kay Michelle

May Bell

Dina Marie

Mary Etta

Charity Wilson

Natalia Napoli

Brittanee Farrow

Sean Lysaght

Darrin Wiggins

Seth Cohen

Angelina Rose

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Help in Printing?

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Graprix Design and Prints are Family of Designers in the Philippines. After working online for a decade We decided to share our talents here Locally. With Out of the Box Thinking and apparel division focused on High-End fabrics and embellishment Design techniques.


Graprix Design and Prints

206 Solar Street GSIS Matina Heights, (Near Precious International School of Davao) Davao City, 8000 


Landline Numbers:

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