Marcia Kester Doyle is the voice behind the popular humor blog, Menopausal Mother, where she muses on the good, the bad, and the ugly side of midlife mayhem. Give her a glass of wine and a jar of Nutella, and she’ll be your best friend. It’s rogue humor at its finest!

Bestselling Author | Relationship Coach | Renowned Speaker | Award Winner

Keishorne Scott is a Man of God, husband, great father, relationship coach, bestselling author, and renowned speaker.

“I help visionary leaders create positive change in the world”

I teach people how they can make a difference in the world by leveraging their unique talents, natural gifts and passion to solve a world-problem.

It’s a privilege and honor to introduce myself to you as an accomplished Internet Marketing Mentor and Coach. I was fortunate to learn what it requires to mentor and coach while working for JVZoo, an affiliate internet marketing platform that gave me the opportunity to host webinars, learn the back end of how a Billion Dollar Internet Marketing platform is run, working closely with the President and founder of the company and personally producing the yearly World Famous Marketing Mayhem Live.

Chad Bumgarner is a leader, author, speaker, trainer/coach, husband and a dad. He enjoys speaking to people about how to become better leaders and team players. Drawing from over 20 plus years of experience of being on high performing teams and being in leadership positions, Chad has trained and facilitated multiple leadership and team building events. Chad received his B.S. from Mercer University in Organizational Leadership. He’s an exciting and passionate speaker who works hard to get the very best out of his audiences. Chad and his wife, Rosemarie reside in Atlanta, Ga with their three beautiful daughters: Kharri, Courtney and Camryn.

Kalman Toth M.A M. Phil (Author of Hard Word Search Puzzles for the Beach) Hard Word Search Puzzles for the Beach. Billion Dollar 1000 Fun Word Search Puzzles. 400 Hard Word Search Puzzles to Increase Your IQ. Word Search Gold Supreme. Large Print French Word Search. Large Print Hungarian Word Search.

Yvonne Dayan.

  • Keynote Speaker, & Best Selling Author
  • Seminar Producer & Facilitator
  • MSW, PSY & certified Hypnotherapist

Entrepreneur, gifted author, and corporate trainer, Yvonne is a pioneer in the field of human potential. Her expertise in life and success coaching has helped thousands achieve breakthroughs in their personal growth, emotional excellence, and wealth creation.

Today through our books, trainings, and seminars we help people align with their
“Forte” which helps them identify and propel their personalities most enchanting
advantages to build & bring out their best self, for their families, businesses and
elevate consciousness in our world.

Discover the Ultimate System To Getting Sh*T Done Even If You’re A Perpetual Procrastinator
Do you feel like you’re crazy busy but not really getting anything done? Did you know your procrastination could be a symptom of a hidden problem that has nothing to do with being lazy? We all have busy lives but are they productive lives?

We all want that work-life balance where we are successful at what we do without sacrificing who we love to do it. You’re stressed out, overwhelmed and exhausted but you want to accomplish more than the day to day mundane tasks. Maybe you want to make a million dollars, lose 25 pounds or just have some “you” time.

Charity Wilson

is a genuine home body. She loves to stay in the kitchen and cook while keeping a clean and organized home. She also loves writing about the recipes she comes up with trying to please the palates of her family. They have had to endure the failures so you don’t have too.

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Graprix Design and Prints are Family of Designers in the Philippines. After working online for a decade We decided to share our talents here Locally. With Out of the Box Thinking and apparel division focused on High-End fabrics and embellishment Design techniques.



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