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300 Book Cover Series to the following Authors.

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Bill O’Neill 

  • 88 Trivia and fun facts

Charity Wilson

  • 55 Cookbook and Smoothies

Rachel Hanna

  • 11 Contemporary Romance Novellas

Angelina Rose

  • 13 Romantic novellas

Abby Reede

  • 4 Murder Fiction

Abella Ward

  • 6 Fantasy Romance

Amber Crewes

  • 11 Mystery and Thriller

Beverleigh H Piepers

  • 19 Health and Diabetes

Stephan Weaver

  • 6 Ancient History

Kalman Toth

  • 16 Puzzles and Mathematics

Jaclyn M. Hawkes

  • 9 Fairytale Love Story

D.E. Lorrin

  • 8 Gay Romance

Rachel S. William

  • 42 Vampire, Dragon, Wolf Fantasy

Rich Wilens

  • 4 Humor, Comedy

Ava walsh

  • 9 Bad Boy Romance

Faith Crawford

  • 4 Mail Order Bride Romance

Eliza Moon

  • 11 Paranormal, BBW and Menage Romance

Mary Etta

  • 11 BWWM Interracial Romance

Evie Ryan

  • 6 Book Cover Series Romance

Heartbeat Reads

  • 20 Paranormal, Sports and Fantasy Series Romance

Jeanine Spooner

  • 4 Mystery Book Series

Melody John

  • 4 Paranormal Book Series

Nicky Harmony

  • 6 Taboo Book Series

Niko Mcqueen

  • 6 MM and Erotica Series

Pamela Thorne

  • 3 Eidolon Book Series

Rachel Eastwood

  • 4 Paranormal Book Series

T.S. Ryder

  • 20 Vampire, Werewold, Shifter Paranormal Book Series


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