Jaclyn M. Hawkes grew up with 6 sisters, 4 brothers and any number of pets. (It was never boring!) She got a bachelor’s degree, had a career as a cartographer with the federal government, and traveled extensively before settling down to her life’s work of being the mother of four magnificent and sometimes challenging children. She loves shellfish, Meat Lover’s pizza, the out-of-doors, the youth, and hearing her children laugh. She and her extremely attractive husband, their younger children, and their happy dogs, now live in a mountain valley in northern Utah, where it smells like heaven and kids still move sprinkler pipe.
To learn more about Jaclyn, visit www.jaclynmhawkes.com.

Charles Cary recognizes how crucial leadership & communication is in today’s business life and daily life. He’s alway been passionate and he’s always sought clarity, which is why he gives 100% with each engagement.

He’s dedicated himself to being a leader and leading many others (leadership & communication) by proving that in spite of it all you can have success! Charles is an Amazon Best Seller and has been viewed as a combination of Wayne Dyer meets Les Brown and clients love it. In addition to working with Fortune companies in a variety of settings, his message has been heard (ION TV, CBS, NBC, ABC, Radio One and The Keynote: Reality Show ) which is a testament to a process that works!

Catherine Woods-Field was born in Danville, Illinois, but grew up in Central Florida. She has been a teacher and women’s health advocate; but foremost, she is a mother and wife. She always wanted to be an author – to make magic on the page – and has done that with Descent Into Madness: The Chronicles of Bree.

Our president (and best-selling author), Glenn Fallavollita, is one of the most dynamic speakers you can hire on the subject of sales and marketing. Not only did he write the #1 selling book on drip marketing but he is also soon to be releasing his new book, “Stop Whining And Start Selling.”

Jason Tax is a son of God who’s life calling, passion, and love is to be fully one with God and help others do the same. Jason loves to teach and equip people how to encounter God’s Love every day, in powerful and practical ways. Jason also loves to train, equip, and activate people in healing, prophecy, and much more. He is the author of the book titled: “The Nature of His Love.” To check out more great resources, or to check out Jason’s ministry.

Dr. Lily L. Ratliff Jenkins is a writer, educator, entrepreneur and speaker. Dr. Jenkins is the CEO/Founder of the Lady of Purpose Network, the world’s most purposeful network for women. She aids women in turning purpose into their greatest resource. An award-winning, online, content delivery training organization, the Lady of Purpose Network prides itself on having over 28,000 unique visitors to its website each month and members from around the country who receive coaching 24/7 to help them see the ‘BIG PICTURE’ in regards to purpose.

Chuck Gallagher is an American entrepreneur, speaker and author. He is the author of Second Chances and has been featured in media outlets including Life & Health, Small Business Opportunities, Business Week, CBS, CNN, Lifetime and National Public Radio.

Lauren Lovell

is an indie author from England. She suffers from a total lack of brain to mouth filter and is the friend you have to explain before you introduce her to anyone, and apologise for afterwards. She’s a self confessed shameless pervert, who may be suffering from slight peen envy.

Works written: Besieged; Hate Me; The Pope

Krystle J. Lynch

I am a wife and stay at home mom of three. When I’m not writing, I’m acting, spending time with family. I have been seen in Walmart commercials and First for women Magazine. My hope is that you will enjoy all my work.

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Graprix Design and Prints are Family of Designers in the Philippines. After working online for a decade We decided to share our talents here Locally. With Out of the Box Thinking and apparel division focused on High-End fabrics and embellishment Design techniques.



New Shop Location is at 207 Solar Street GSIS Matina Heights, Davao City, 8000

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