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The Great Book of Crazy President Trivia

Interesting Stories of American Presidents (American History & Trivia) (Volume 1) Paperback – October 1, 2017

The Fun Knowledge Encyclopedia Volume 2

The Crazy Stories Behind the World’s Most Interesting Facts (Trivia Bill’s General Knowledge) Kindle Edition

The Vietnam War Trivia Book

Fascinating Facts and Interesting Vietnam War Stories (Trivia War Books Book 2) Kindle Edition

The American Civil War Trivia Book

Interesting American Civil War Stories You Didn’t Know (Trivia War Books Book 3) Kindle Edition

The Great Book of Texas

The Crazy History of Texas with Amazing Random Facts & Trivia (A Trivia Nerds Guide to the History of the United States 1) Kindle Edition

The World War 2 Trivia Book

Interesting Stories and Random Facts from the Second World War (Trivia War Books) (Volume 1) Paperback – October 17, 2017

Book 1 of 3 in the Trivia War Books Series

The Great Book of Pub Trivia

Hilarious Pub Quiz & Bar Trivia Questions (Trivia Quiz Books) (Volume 1) Paperback – October 8, 2017

Book 1 of 2 in the Trivia Quiz Books Series

Abella Ward (Fantasy)

has always dreamed of visiting other planets and being swept off her feet by a hot, bluish alien warlord. When that warlord didn’t come, she started taking pleasure in writing books about her fantasies instead.

Abella loves to write sexy stories about ruthless alpha males. Her books contain three things: hot aliens, steamy romance and lots of action. Nothing else. Oh, and happy endings, of course.

She likes stargazing on her rooftop, treating herself and her curves to the occasional box of ice cream and visiting rock concerts. She lives with her husband (who may not be an alien but could be described as a warlord in his own way) and dog in Arizona.

Abella Ward

Caged by the Barbarian Kindle Edition

Sold to the Barbarian

Taken by Two Alien Kings

Mated to the Barbarian Heir Kindle Edition

Natalia Napoli (Romance)

A bestselling author, Natalia Napoli loves
to write all types of romance, especially the bad boy, billionaire kind!

Natalia strives to be as comprehensive and fun with the sexual imagination as possible by writing these short stories that are entertaining, full of fantastic characters, and containing a lot of steamy scenes!

She hopes you enjoy her work so she can keep writing about what you love to read!

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After spending years struggling with his own weight, Darrin decided it was time for a change. With that began his personal journey of losing 45 pounds in 12 weeks to compete in his first natural bodybuilding competition.

Coconut Oil & Apple Cider Vinegar: Rapid Weight Loss And Ulitmate Health With Mother Nature’s Nectars Paperback

4.1 out of 5 stars    73 customer reviews

50 Weight Loss Shakes: Lose Weight Naturally With Coconut Oil And Coconut Milk S Paperback

4.4 out of 5 stars    21 customer reviews

Productivity: For The Perpetually Overwhelmed How To Take Action, Eliminate Being Lazy & Get Sh*t Done Paperback

4.2 out of 5 stars    27 customer reviews

How To Set Goals: Your Goal Setting Bible For Maximum Personal Achievement Paperback

4.7 out of 5 stars    45 customer reviews

Fast Metabolism Diet: Demystified – Achieve Rapid Fat Loss With 25 Metabolism Boosting Recipes (Health Wealth & Happiness Book 12)Kindle Edition

3.4 out of 5 stars    28 customer reviews

Daniel Plan: Demystified – Soul Support And Healthy Weight Loss With 25 Delicious Daniel Plan Recipes Kindle Edition

4.2 out of 5 stars    42 customer reviews

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Dedicated to the craft of writing, Stephan Weaver is a best-selling author who loves to pen anything related to history and mythology. With a love for immersing himself into other cultures, worlds, and even realms, Weaver is a former professor, historian, and archaeologist. It’s no surprise that you can now find him tucked away with his laptop writing about these very things with commitment and devotion. Married to a beautiful wife and father to a son and daughter, Weaver loves to spend his free time with family, experience the world by traveling, and, of course, you’ll never find him without a pen in hand. From the blinking cursor to the final page, he is deeply passionate about what he does. And it shows.


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Ancient Rome: From Beginning To End (History of Rome – Roman Empire – Marcus Aurelius – Julius Caesar – Gladiator – Spartacus – Roman History) (Ancient Civilizations From Beginning To End Book 1) Kindle Edition

Greek Mythology: Gods, Heroes And The Trojan War Of Greek Mythology (Greek – Norse – Egyptian – Mythology Trilogy) Paperback

Ancient Greece: From Beginning To End (Greek History – Ancient Greek – Aristotle – Socrates – Greece History – Plato – Alexander The Great – Macedonian … Civilizations From Beginning To End Book 3) Kindle Edition

Norse Mythology: Gods, Heroes and the Nine Worlds of Norse Mythology Paperback

Ancient Egypt: From Beginning To End (Egyptian History – Egyptian Mysteries – Egyptian Mythology – Egyptian Gods) (Ancient Civilizations From Beginning To End Book 2) Kindle Edition

Egyptian Mythology: Gods, Pharaohs and Book of the Dead of Egyptian Mythology Paperback


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