Sold to the Barbarian (T’Shav Barbarians #2)


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What is this massive brute going to do with me? 

Zon is a ruthless savage, killing for sport. He knows she is his mate from the moment their eyes meet. So it’s only natural that he buys her. He’s in his “musth”, a time when hormones run rampant. If he doesn’t mate right away, he becomes… unpredictable.

One moment Lisa is working late at the lab and the next the curvaceous scientist is in a vessel going at light speed. And the next? That’s when she’s sold on the auction block to a powerful alien warlord with a penchant for violence.

Is she his slave, his pet or his next meal? Either way, she’s finding herself inexplicably drawn to him.

But danger looms. Another alien wants Lisa for himself and will stop at nothing to get her. When the seemingly cold-hearted warrior jumps to her defense, her attraction to him only intensifies, although she tells herself it’s only sexual.

As the danger swells and her feelings deepen, Lisa finds herself torn between her desire for the fearless warrior and her longing for Earth. When her attackers return, she can only hope Zon will save her again.

And in the midst of the action, another little surprise announces itself and Lisa has to ask herself: is cross species breeding really impossible?

NOTE: This book includes bonus stories!